IV. Eleven Audio CD's - Professional & Live Presentations w/ other literature

1-4) Living Well with Fundamental Principles of Lymphology (3 hr. audio series)
5)  Why Do We Die In Just A Few Minutes Without Oxygen. (55 min) 
6)  Keep Your Body Free From Pain & Disease From Birth Until You Die! (45 min)
7)  How to Purify & Heal the Body. (38 min)
8)  Discover the Electrical Power Plants In Your Body! (48 min)
9)  Your Health, Your Choice - Testimonials (33 min)
10) 68 Years of Research! (45 min)
11) From the Medical Dark Ages to Speed-Healing (45min)

Recently discovered!  Listen & Watch the late Dr. West talk about his course!

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International Academy of Lymphology​

Only about 400 medical research Scientists in the world are into this research. Most of them are out of this country, and are Department Heads of Universities and Medical Schools. Dr. C. Samuel West is the only one of the 400 that dedicated his life to get this research to the nations of the earth!

With this course you will understand:

1) The cause of the natural death process and what people do to speed up this process to cause pain, suffering and death by disease!
2) About the non-secular science called, "The Art of Lymphasizing".
3) How to conquer disease and relieve pain without medication of any kind!

You will learn how to deal with many types of injuries quickly and easily.  You will also learn how to relieve migraines, lower back pain or any pain anywhere in the body. 

What we can do for one part of the body we can do to every part in order to reverse degenerative disease. You will learn why stress, shock, poison or injury cause cellular environments to become "flooded" and that this is the actual primary cause of disease.  You will also learn why lack of oxygen to any part of your body will result in inflammation, heart disease, cancer or any other problem.  Oxygen which is the most critical element for life is also the most critical element for the healing process.  Astoundingly, the fundamental discoveries that reveal how oxygen gets to cells as well as how we can activate our God-given lymphatic system in various ways to suck out excess fluid, metabolic waste and decaying material while simultaneously enabling abundant levels of oxygen to diffuse to the cells are not taught in any college, university, or medical school in the United States.

I. The Complete Works of Dr. C. Samuel West

     1) The Golden Seven Plus One:

     This is a 320 page hardbound text that is the foundation of the entire course.  It stands for Seven Major Discoveries & One Formula For Life & Death at The Cell Level.  It is the first book in the entire world to discuss the relationship between the cellular environment and the basic life process.  It was written to help get this new life saving research to the nations of the earth as fast as possible. BOOK REVIEWGood Reads REVIEW, Amazon.com also has reviews.

(The Golden Seven Plus One is hardbound. If you find any other type it is through a fraud.)

     With this book we add 2 more "life-saving" books!  Two written by Dr. C. Samuel West:
2) Introduction to The Science of Lymphology and The Art of Lymphasizing (a supplement to The Golden Seven Plus One referred to in the videos as the Special Document (originally printed on pink paper), and
3) an e-book; The Modern Noah's Ark (Referring to a phenomenon caused by blocked interstitial circulation called internal drowning as the number one cause of all degenerative disease).

II. Instructors Manual for this Science of Lymphology

Newly Revised Color .pdf!   This includes much of the medical documentation behind the research. 

III. Examination for Certification in Lymphology

     This is an open book exam.  It tells you where to find the answers in the textbook - The Golden Seven Plus One.  Look up the answers to all 261 questions and write them down.  You will learn more about the cause of pain, loss of energy, disease AND what to do about it than can be learned anywhere else on the face of this earth!  Those who purchase the entire course my be certified as a Lymphologist and an Ambassador For Health And Peace.  Follow the instructions that come with the exam.  You will come to understand this research in detail.

 These are remastered for a higher quality audio presentation. Dr. West is at his best after lecturing for 34 years! These contains the latest formulas and terms. These are the most powerful tapes produced to teach this research in a language that even an eight year old can understand and no-one can deny it. 

V. Five Live Lecture DVD's of Dr. C. Samuel West  - Learn from the originator!

These are original, live-lectures of Dr. West, which increases their value. They are not a fancy, Hollywood-type production, yet what he will teach you on these videos is priceless! They contain fundamental discoveries that reveal the bodies healing process and what one must do to enable this process.

1)  Introduction to the Lymphatic System - documented by 61 yrs. of Research.
2)  The Process of Healing the Body through the Lymphatic (Immune) System.
3)  Nutrition in More Detail Than Ever Before & An Intro. to the Tarahumara Indians.
4)  Self-Help Pain Relief techniques Explained & Demonstrated in Detail, & A new way to exercise with no pain/fatigue.
5)  The Advanced Healing Technique, How To Raise a Baby Without Disease, & The Power Plants!

Plus the NEW instructional DVD that teaches how to do all of the original healing techniques!:

 How It's Possible (2 hours)

NEW Special Needs Package!   (A "life-preserver" for the poor, sick and afflicted)
                1-4 Audio Series - Living Well with Fundamental Principles of Lymphology, Charts, Loose Literature, AND the newly revised Introduction to the Science of Lymphology Book

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