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Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology - Complete Course plus certification!
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Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology - Complete Course materials for self-help study.
(Includes One To One Coaching and the option to acquire certification in the future)
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Dr. C. Samuel West's Complete Works (Book Collection- 3 printed books unavailable anywhere else on earth)
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Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology - Complete Course (x2) PLUS Two Certifications                                                                        (Includes One To One Coaching as needed) Order today for only $999.00!


When the student is ready we want to be there. As you learn the solutions to so much pain and suffering throughout the world we ask that you commit yourself to spreading the word with us. We have committed our lives to helping you!

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To help get this priceless research to the world make a once in a life-time contribution of $380 (normally 497.00) for the Complete Course, $580 (normally 749.00) for the Complete Course Including Certification Process, OR $999.00 (normally $1,498.00) for TWO Complete Courses including the Certification Process for TWO -- as you honestly can. The IAL will then send you all or part of Dr. West’s home-study 'Speed-Healing & Applied Lymphology’ Course and any additional items your selection may qualify for, as a gift.

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